Spring Into Action 4 a Cure is designed for lower and middle school students. It’s a simple and fun way to teach young students about the importance of advocating for a cause and making a difference in their own community.

How this campaign works:

  • Go4theGoal sends enough GOLD laces for students, faculty, and staff to Lace Up. Anything not sold can be returned along with donations collected.
  • Laces are sold for $5.00/pair. $4.00 from each pair of laces plus 100% of donations go back to helping kids with cancer and their families in the area the funds are raised.
  • Field Days, dress downs, and dozens of other school activities make for great events to Lace Up to raise funds and awareness for kids in your community battling cancer!

Lace Up for...
and Surviving

Contact G4G@Go4theGoal.org for more information

All funds stay in the State where they are raised to support local children.