Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer® started in 2011 in answer to requests from youth soccer teams in New Jersey that wanted to show their commitment to the fight against pediatric cancer. Today, teams across the country representing every sport from youth to professional have Laced Up in Go4theGoal’s GOLD laces.

$4.00 from each pair of laces plus 100% of donations go back to helping kids with cancer and their families in the area the funds are raised.

“When we announced to our coaches, players, and families that we were taking part in this event the support and interest was even greater than we expected. Many people are impacted by pediatric cancer and this cause seemed to really hit home for our players and families. It was also a way to easily introduce the idea of philanthropy and giving back to our young players, and many of them became our most vocal supporters!

Not only is this a great cause to support it is also very easy to administer and a fun and visible event to be a part of. We would highly recommend Go4theGoal’s Lace Up for Pediatric Cancer event to any youth sport organization that wants to give back to their community!”

-Stephanie Gabbert, Colorado Storm

All funds stay in the community where they are raised to support local children.