Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer® started in 2011 in answer to requests from youth soccer teams in New Jersey that wanted to show their commitment to the fight against pediatric cancer. Today, teams across the country representing every sport from youth to professional have Laced Up in Go4theGoal’s GOLD laces.

Entire communities soon took on the campaign as they realized that for only $5.00 they could spread awareness for pediatric cancer, show their support for kids battling in their community, and provide critical financial assistance.

“You get focused on your own little world when you go through something like that and it’s not until you get out of that world and see the people all over the street with laces in that it really sets in how much people care.”

- Gary G., Father of Cancer Survivor

In 2014, Go4theGoal added “Gear” to the program, offering socks, arm sleeves, headbands, and eye blacks to teams that want to take their awareness and fundraising efforts to the next level. Visit our store to buy gear!

“We had our most successful month of raising awareness for childhood cancer thanks to Go4theGoal.”

- Dr. Hord of Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron Children’s Hospital became the first hospital to take advantage of this amazing program and introduce it to teams in the surrounding area in September 2014. Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer caught on so quickly that within two weeks, thousands of athletes were Laced Up. $25,000.00 was raised to support kids with cancer and their families being treated at the hospital.

All funds stay in the community where they are raised to support local children.