Family Support and Wish Granting

Family Support

“Many of my families have had to quit a job (or got fired) because they were at the hospital with their sick child. They’re worried with ‘How am I going to pay the rent so my child has a home to return to?’

Go4theGoal alleviates that concern in that moment so they can focus on their child’s illness and helping them get better!”

-Pediatric Oncology Social Worker

Our primary goal is to assist families with financial and logistical burdens so that they are able to focus all their energy on their child. By working with social workers and hospital staff, Go4theGoal responds to ALL requests for assistance within 24-hours.

  • Medical & Household bills
  • Travel for Treatment
  • Tuition Assistance for Education and Enrichment Activities
  • And so Much More!

Wish Granting

“My daughter recently received an amazing gift from Go4theGoal while she was hospitalized. I cannot express enough how amazing it is to see your child smile with pure joy after days of pain.”

Granting a wish is a simple and rewarding way to lift a child’s and family’s spirits or give them a chance to create lasting and positive memories. Wishes can range from tablet requests to VIP experiences. Due to our quick response to requests, we have also become a resource for end-of-life wishes in order to give families a positive experience with their child and create memories that have to last a lifetime.

Child Life and Social Workers can contact us directly at to inquire about assistance for patients. (For hospital personnel use only)

“Go4theGoal worked with a patient of ours to provide his end of life wish for a trip to Disneyland with his family.

They went above and beyond to make this trip special for the family at the last minute! They booked a concierge level suite at a Disney hotel and coordinated with staff at the hotel so the family would receive special treatment and be treated like royalty. Our clinic was so amazed at the effort put into making this trip special for the family.

Thank you for what you do, not just for this family, but for all families and for pediatric oncology patients and clinics nationwide- it makes a huge difference int he lives of families and is truly appreciated.”

-Robyn Peace, Clinical Social Worker at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

- A. Zani, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker